Hugo & Hudson Puffer Jacket XS-L - 6 colours

Hugo & Hudson Puffer Jacket XS-L - 6 colours


Our Reversible Puffer Jackets are practical and stylish. These jackets are water repellent and filled with a high quality stuffing making them super warm and cosy.


These jackets come in 10 sizes and 6 colours with our signature navy which can be worn inside or out. They have a zip fastening and can be easily machine washed


Material: 100% Nylon


Care & Use: Machine wash cold, air dry


Sizing guide:-
XS-25 ~ Back Length 22-25cm ~ Chest Size 36-38cm
XS-30 ~ Back Length 27-30cm ~ Chest Size 43-45cm
S-30 ~ Back Length 27-30cm ~ Chest Size 57-59cm
S-35 ~ Back Length 32-35cm ~ Chest Size 45-47cm
M-40 ~ Back Length 38-40cm ~ Chest Size 63-66cm
M-45 ~ Back Length 42-45cm ~ Chest Size 62-64cm
M-47 ~ Back Length 44-47cm ~ Chest Size 69-72cm
M-50 ~ Back Length 47-50cm ~ Chest Size 76-78cm
L-55 ~ Back Length 52-55cm ~ Chest Size 77-79cm
L-65 ~ Back Length 62-65cm ~ Chest Size 87-89cm


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